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Aims And Objects

(A) The trust is being for the promotion of physical, mental, moral, educational development and upliftment of all mankind in general without any distinction of caste, creed or religion.

(B) To provide for all activities for improving the moral standards of the people, promoting respect for all religions of tolerance and cordial feelings between man and man irrespective of difference of caste, colour, creed or religion.

(C) To establish, develop, maintain and grant aid in cash or in kind to hospitals, medical schools, medical colleges, nursing institution, dispensaries, To establish, takeover or collaborate with any institution or school or college or centre or association undertaking of scientific research and provide, encourage, initiate or promote facilities for the discovery, improvement or development of new methods of dignosis, understanding and prevention and treatment of diseases. And other similar charitable institution for the benefit and use of the general public.

(D) To establish, takeover or collaborate with any institution or school or college or association, for physical, mental, moral and educational development .To render any social , moral and financial assistance for betterment of life. (E) To establish, run, support and grant aid or other financial assistance to schools, colleges, libraries, reading rooms, universities, laboratories, research and other institutions of the like nature, for use of the students and the staff and also for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge amongst the public in general

(F) To aid or establish any institution or adopt mans fro imparting, promotion of any art, science literature or any other field for the preservation of historical monuments, propagate for removal of social evils, customs or render or promote self-help to overcome any of these evils particularly for the poor or weaker sections of the society.

(G) To establish any institution or society for the welfare of victims of natural calamities and/or to provide cooking eating food & other utensils clothing and shelter to any needy person or persons temporarily or time to time.

(H) To establish maintain or grant aid to homes for the aged, orphanages or others establishments for the relief and help to the poor ,needy and destitute people, orphans, widows and aged persons

(I) To award prizes, medals in competition of physical games and educational competitions and to award scholarships for the needy and to provide ways and means for the uplift of poor and needy children or individuals and to inculcate moral discipline.

(J) To render help, arrange for and encourage and promote celebrations of national, cultural, social and such other festivals and Jayanties as conducive to this object.

(K) To accept donations, raise subscriptions, from the members of the trust or other persons , to invest the funds of the trust with such individuals, societies , firms , companies for providing income to the trust on such term and conditions as may deem proper and necessary for the fulfillment of the aims and objects of the trust.

(L) To award prize, medals and that like in universities, colleges, schools etc to encourage students for higher and better education.

(M) To give stipends, allowance or gratuities, recurring or otherwise, for the maintenance to poor and needy general public. for such time or duration as may deem proper and necessary.

(N) To do any other act or thing which is ancillary to the achievement of any of the above stated objects of this trust.